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    Technological, engineering, innovative and intelligent solutions. A creative process that is built starting from the analysis of the consolidated technical and cultural heritage and integrating it with new functional, ergonomic and economic insights and answers that are reflected in the specificity of the details and the choice of construction parameters.

    places and spaces using art, history and nature, involving and engaging reason, function and the senses. Creating atmospheres starting by enhancing and giving value to the materials in the unique and specific way they are used.

    architecture, volumes and light to create privileged spaces where the individual always finds a perspective that is custom designed around them. In this way solidity, function and beauty generate an exciting new dimension based on research, enhancement and capacity even of abandoned places.
    These are the words that encapsulate the creative vision and philosophy of Marco Vigo and Alessia Garibaldi and Giorgio Piliego, who for over 25 years have worked in architecture, collaborating together on various projects. Shared creativity, proven expertise and common goals have further strengthened the relationship and resulted in DC10, a name which, from the start, promises to be a new and distinctive landmark in the scenario of architecture, interior design and national and international design.


    With a broad portfolio of projects in Italy and abroad, STUDIO DC10 ranks as a dynamic and innovative architectural firm capable of combining creative and conceptual aspects with those of planning and economic appraisal.

    The three partners – Marco Vigo, Alessia Garibaldi and Giorgio Piliego – have, by combining their individual experiences, created a unique professional reality where the skills and expertise of each partner, though always well defined, are integrated and significantly broaden the degree of flexibility and response on multiple and varied projects.

    Thanks to a level of detail that is capable of responding to representation needs as well as commercial objectives, STUDIO DC10 is the go-to architectural firm for multinationals, luxury brands and major companies active in the real estate sector. Clients have renewed their preference for STUDIO DC10 over the years, rewarding its creative quality, effective execution and originality in harmonising projects’ structural, conceptual and technological aspects.

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